Child safe acrylic mirrors

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Instructions For Use

Important: Before you start, please make sure your wall or surface is clean, dry and at room temperature (between 18C and 35C)

Step 1. Carefully remove the protective film from the mirror face. Use your nails or a wooden cocktail stick to lift the edge before pulling off in one piece. Do not use a sharp implement as this could scratch the surface.

Step 2. Arrange the adhesive pads either as shown in the instructions or in a grid fashion. Be sure to use a soft surface to lay the mirror on when applying the pads.

Step 3. Please ensure that the wall surface is smooth and flat for a perfect reflective image. When placing the mirror use a soft cloth and press firmly against the areas of adhesive pads for 60 seconds to achieve maximum hold as the adhesive is pressure activated.

For outdoor use, please refer to instructions above. If the outdoor surface is not smooth, we would advise fixing the mirror onto MDF or similar, which has been sealed and waterproofed for perfect results. Please also see note at foot of page.

Please Note:

The adhesive pads are permanent adhesive and therefore cannot be moved easily after mounting, therefore position carefully.

Remember to allow several weeks for newly painted walls to cure before mounting your mirror.

To clean the mirror use a soft cloth and anti static polish/cleaner i.e. Pledge. DO NOT USE glass cleaner or a solvent based cleaner.

For areas of high humidity (i.e. shower rooms) and outdoors, we suggest a clear solvent free silicone is applied around the edge of the reverse of the mirror, in addition to the fixing pads supplied. Apply this as a thin bead approximately 2mm from the edge. This ensures that the mirror is fully protected against condensation.