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Boys Mirrors

You’ll find the ideal boys mirror for your little one right here. With special themes for children, ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms, the boys mirror range includes a football mirror, pirate mirror, dinosaur mirrors, his favourite animal mirror and lots more.

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  • Chick Mirror

    Chick Mirror

    This cute and cuddly chick mirror is ideal for kid's ro...

    Price From £6.25

  • Duck Mirror

    Duck Mirror

    Our duck mirror is a very cute, fun design suitable for chil...

    Price From £6.25

  • Elephant Mirror

    Elephant Mirror

    Our Elephant mirror is ideal for bedrooms, playrooms and nur...

    Price From £6.25

  • Fish Family Mirror

    Fish Family Mirror

    The fish family consists of a large plain mirrored fish and ...

    Price From £19.95

  • Happy Moon Mirror

    Happy Moon Mirror

    Our Happy Moon bedroom mirror is great fun for children....

    Price From £10.25

  • Happy Sun Mirror

    Happy Sun Mirror

    Our colourful happy sun mirror with engraved detail looks fa...

    Price From £7.25

  • Pig Mirror

    Pig Mirror

    Our funky pig mirror with it's cute pink nose looks gre...

    Price From £6.25

  • Sheep Mirror

    Sheep Mirror

    Our fun and funky sheep mirror makes a perfect gift. Looks g...

    Price From £16.25

  • Space Set Mirrors

    Space Set Mirrors

    This space themed set of mirrors includes planets, rockets a...

    Price From £8.95

  • Star Mirror

    Star Mirror

    Our Star mirrors are ideal for children's rooms. Add ou...

    Price From £6.25

  • Stars (mini) Mirrors

    Stars (mini) Mirrors

    These Mini Stars are great decorative mirrors, perfect for a...

    Price £5.25

  • Horse Head Mirror

    Horse Head Mirror

    Our graceful horse head mirror makes a great gift for any ke...

    Price From £16.25

  • Dolphin Mirror

    Dolphin Mirror

    Make a splash in your bathroom with this brilliant dolphin m...

    Price From £6.25

  • Dragonfly Mirror

    Dragonfly Mirror

    Create a buzz with our pretty dragonfly mirror....

    Price From £16.25

  • Lion Mirror

    Lion Mirror

    Our fun 'King of the Jungle' lion mirror...

    Price From £6.25

  • Hippo Mirror

    Hippo Mirror

    Our Hippo Mirror will make anyone smile!...

    Price From £6.25

  • Monkey Mirror

    Monkey Mirror

    Our 'Cheeky' Monkey Mirror is part of our 'fu...

    Price From £6.25

  • Giraffe Mirror

    Giraffe Mirror

    Our Giraffe Mirror is just one of our fun jungle range of mi...

    Price From £6.25

  • Elephant 'Jungle' Mirror

    Elephant 'Jungle' Mirror

    Our 'Jungle' Elephant Mirror - add light and refle...

    Price From £6.25

  • Owl Mirror

    Owl Mirror

    Our adorable Owl Mirror, a delightful way to add character t...

    Price From £6.25

  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear Mirror...

    Price From £6.25

  • Fish Family (plain)

    Fish Family (plain)

    Fish Family bathroom mirror...

    Price From £16.25

  • Personalised Star Mirror

    Personalised Star Mirror

    Our Star mirrors are ideal for children's rooms. Add ou...

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    Price From £8.95

  • Personalised Horse

    Personalised Horse

    Our beautiful galloping horse mirror is a perfect gift for a...

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    Price From £19.95

  • Personalised Cloud Mirror

    Personalised Cloud Mirror

    This cute cloud mirror makes a cheerful addition to any kids...

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    Price From £7.95

  • Smiley Cloud Mirror

    Smiley Cloud Mirror

    This cloud shaped mirror is guaranteed to put a smile on you...

    Price From £6.95